We’re bringing faster Internet to your area!

TSC's Gigahood project is all about bringing faster internet to your neighborhood. Are you currently unsatisfied with your existing speed, your provider, your cost? TSC may be the solution for you.

TSC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanson Communications, has been serving Wapakoneta, Cridersville and surrounding areas with phone service since 1895. In 1995 TSC became an Internet Service Provider(ISP) in the Northwest Ohio area when we helped establish bright.net Ohio LLC. Today, TSC provides high-speed internet to Auglaize, Allen and most recently Van Wert Counties.

By taking our survey, you show us where demand for our service is the greatest. Where we see great demand, we will do an in-depth assessment of the feasibility of extending our network to these locations. Encourage your neighbors to take our survey as well. The more interest your area shows, the greater the chance of getting hooked up to our fast and reliable network.

It all follows four simple steps:

Step 1 Gather Interest:
Take a quick survey to show your interest in High-Speed Internet. Tell your neighbors to do the same! The more interest we have, the greater the chance we bring High-Speed Internet to your area!

Step 2 Sign up:
You've got our attention, now's the time to commit to High-Speed Internet! Pick a package, select a speed, give us incentives to start construction!

Step 3 Construction:
Well done! You’ve shown your interest, we've surveyed the area, and it looks like High-Speed Internet is coming your way! The build-out to your area has now begun.

Step 4 Connected:
Congratulations! You and your neighbors are now part of the gigahood! Tell your friends what it's like to be surfing at lightning speed!